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One day I was walking with my mother, who I am helping right now after my dad died, out on a country road. We saw a young man working the soil with a team of horses. He grew produce for the local Farmer’s Market. The young man’s mother helped to make it possible, and this was about his ninth season. The mother inspired me, and there grew in my heart a desire to do the same for my son.But it seemed so impossible: no land, little money, no teacher, for my dad had died. The young people were close to my heart, and had been for years as it was on my dad’s heart. It led him to choose Agriculture as his destiny by being a professor of Agriculture. One of his brothers became an excellent medical doctor, and the other one a dentist. My dad had a brain to take him where he chose to go. The pivotal point was that he saw Agriculture as the best way to help young people develop character for whatever they chose to do in life. He wanted to help America produce wonderful citizens. If they could learn to work in the garden, then the sky was the limit. The miracle came, and my son called me on the phone and asked me to come and help him start a farm the following summer on some land made available to him by kind folks who also had a burden for young people, and I gladly volunteered my services. My mom went to spend the summer with my sister in North Dakota. The farm has been growing ever since that small beginning. The tools of the trade are being applied daily, and the character building growing stronger by the minute. My son makes poles out of trees, and right now a Farm to Table dinner has been planned, and the poles set up for the dining area, and lights strung, Chinese lanterns purchased. Straw will make the floor, and the sky the ceiling right on the farm. It is exciting to create beautiful and tasty meals from produce just picked, and that will make up the dinner. Recently, I made vegetarian Chili Rellenos from Poblano peppers grown on my son’s farm, and froze some. Yesterday, my mom and I enjoyed having some for lunch. They were so delicious! Now I am working on creating a vegan Chili Relleno as my mom is allergic to milk. It is fun working in the garden and eating healthy whole foods that look so beautiful on the table and taste exquisite! The best way to help American youth is to teach them how to work in the garden and love it by working side by side with, and that is what I have done with my son. The best way to help poor people is to place them on a piece of acreage, and then teach them how to farm it for income. There is a growing movement to bring Agriculture once again back into the classroom. During the early 1900’s, an elementary Agriculture textbook was used in the classroom. It was required by law. Young people as young as the first, second, and third graders are being brought on the local farms for part of their class sessions, I love it! My son, and my mother’s grandson and granddaughter, who creates meals from her family’s garden in their front yard of their town home are heroes in our eyes. Making America survive means putting gardens in every backyard and front yard, and country living. The enemy cannot strike individual country dwellings. They would target cities. Move to the country in an orderly fashion and soon. It is a beautiful life out here!

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