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We want America back again. Let’s start in the homes. Did you know that breastfeeding for one year decreases the chance of disease for the mother by twenty percent?How about five years between two children at twenty percent per child? If there are two parents, a father and a mother, let’s begin the chance for independence with finances. The true independent American must stay free of debt, because you become a slave to whom you owe money. Next, grow a garden and provide a farm to table cuisine packed with nutrition. Cows take lots of land, so why not look into being a “vegetarian”, and even a “vegan”. Then that small backyard can supply all your nutritional needs. Think “local” and purchase from the Farmer’s Market, or straight from the farms if allowed. Shop at the thrift stores, or sew your own clothes. Clean your own house, cook from scratch. How about being the maid, the cook, the laundry lady, the shopper, the mistress to your husband, and the gardener. Do the best you can with what you already have, and really, just a new colorful towel or table cloth can go a long ways to change the decor of your home, I just did that very thing. It looks like new to us. The husband will feel so loved and appreciated for all of his hard work to provide for his family. Reign in your wants. Be careful what you say you want, and live within your means, whatever that may be. Having a comfortable home, whether it is a cottage by the sea, or a mansion on the hilltop, I prefer the cottage. Seems like knowing the sounds all around the home makes me feel much safer than not hearing any thing because the house is so large. But it doesn’t matter. It is the people and their hearts in the home that matters. Love reigns, and happiness will burst its seams. Our children need attention, supervision, rested mothers, protection from evil, training of the mind, and character. Learning to work hard and love the work in the garden. Where have all the mothers gone? The most important investment in America is the children, and the mother is the ticket. She keeps the machinery oiled daily. Really, every member of the family is very special, and they need protection by the mommy of the home. Every man or son is capable of doing anything, protect them. Don’t put a seventeen year old son to babysitting his younger sisters. That is not fair to him, when his sexual peak is at eighteen. Protect your husband, teach the daughters to be modest in the home around them. Admire, appreciate, and accept them at face value. Admire the hero in them. It develops normality in them. The father is very valuable in teaching the children to work in their teenage years. Aim for the higher education, not a fancy education, but practical knowledge on living. Knowing how to work efficiently, on time, and productively is more important than the extensive education, and astronomically huge debt load when finished with school. Not putting down an education, because each person has their own individual destiny. Why not learn trades, farming as a means of providing for a family. Start the marriage with no credit cards, money for emergencies, and living within what the husband makes, then the mother can stay home, and the father proudly being the man of the house, yet treating his wife as Christ treats the church. When there are no children, then the sky is the limit in serving others. A beautiful and healthy lifestyle is what the best investment is all about!

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