Who is the Bride in Revelation 21:9?

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The bride is the holy city, the New Jerusalem, and the ten virgins that go out to meet the Bridegroom are a symbol of the true church, apple of God’s eye. The ten bridesmaids,in the Revelation the people of God, the Ten Virgins, are said to be the guests at the marriage supper. Revelation 19:9. If guests, they cannot be represented also as the bride…The King becomes married to the princess bride while still working in the most holy place. The Holy City’s foundation is based upon the teachings of the 12 apostles in the New Testament. The 12 gates of the city are the 12 literal tribes of Jacob and the literal promises God made to Abraham and his two sons, the firstborn Ishmael {Gentiles} as heir to the queen, and Isaac the heir to the kingship. The King gives his blood on the mercy seat hiding in a cave conquering Debir, the Holy Oracles as the military bride-price for winning the hand of the daughter of Solomon in marriage to establish Solomon’s thrones as promised. The guests or the Ten Virgins wait with the bride together for the Bridegroom to come and get his bride. It can happen only after the solemn day of Atonement for the closing work of the Investigative Judgment in the Fall, and after the modern old Jerusalem as capital of Israel is fully established to activate the inheritance laws of Moses. The New Jerusalem is the one saved for King David’s sake. One of his daughters carries his lineage by royal right given to her through the sprinkled conquering blood on the mercy seat over the Holy Oracles. The mercy seat is over the Tables of Stone with God’s own finger writing the ten commandments, an expression of His character. The bride is raised among the Ten Virgins from babyhood to adulthood, and loves the law of Moses.

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