Theme of the Last Days–Matthew 22 and 25

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The woman talks more in the Song of Solomon.

It has been determined by biblical scholars that are known for being very astute Bible students that the man and woman are real persons, and only one man and one woman in the romantic dialogue, and the ten virgins as the backdrop placing it in the last days matching Matthew 22 and 25. The Watchmen or the maiden’s brothers are part of the church symbolized by the Ten Virgins, God’s true church. They unite on the Bible only, and the Spirit of Prophecy as the moon which can only reflect the sun’s light, God’s light from the Holy Scripture. “If you are the guests, you cannot also be the bride.” The Great Controversy, Holy of Holies. The city in reality is the bride. Revelation 21 & 22. David’s Throne and its Successor. Revelation 7 & 14 are about the spiritual Jews after the cross.

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