the Sinless Life in exchange for our filthy rags

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Jesus was murdered on the cross, yet His sinless life is available for everyone, including those who mock Him. He is our ticket to heaven, where there are streets made out of transparent gold.One person can sing all four parts in their own quartet. We can fly without wings to other sinless worlds made perfect as Earth was made for Adam & Eve. Jesus Himself as Michael the Archangel in the Old Testament promised Abraham that He would lift the curse from earth through a woman, seed of Abraham, and one woman would marry the King of kings. She would help God restore the original plan of the Garden of Eden, because she will understand the fullest condescension of Christ to earth through a marriage to one He created. She would be a token or sign that would reveal His fullest goodness, and the enemies will be put to shame, and her children saved, and her heart comforted. Psalm 86:15-17. Matthew 17:20-21. God can do the impossible thing. She will in His strength do the impossible thing with Him soon, yes very soon.

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