Seventh-Day Adventists, the People who Read the Book

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There are many names for the clan my Father raised me up among. Some of those names include Ten Virgins, Ten Regal Bridesmaids, the pure woman in Revelation as an ongoing people of God, the people wondered at in God’s sky stories, a last day movement, the people who read and obey the Book,and most prominently but little known Seventh-Day Adventists. The legal congregation began to form A.D. 1840 when the Ottoman Empire fell August 11, A.D. 1840. It was not to appear until after A.D. 1798. It would be founded upon the pure Apistolic faith and the Law of Moses. It legally formed A.D. 1863 during the Civil War. The group fasted and prayed four days that the war would end and it did. The Holy Scripture describes them in Matthew 22:2-14; 25:1-13 as the wise and foolish Virgins making individual choices regarding the righteous life gifted to them by the Kinsman-Redeemer of the only imperfect world in the cosmos universe. The bride is in reality a city, and the bridesmaids the regal guests invited to the King’s regal wedding. The bride represents the kingdom as did the Shulamith for King Solomon. The matrimony establishes the throne or tabernacle of David as the rightful and only Kinsman still alive to redeem the desolate cities. The King paid the bride-price and received the dowry, a bag of silver on the cross. He returns at the full moon to get His bride from earth. The eastern gate opens on Sabbath, and at the new moon linked with the solemn feasts days. The Judgment of the Living starts before any Enochs are taken to heaven. This shows His goodness and the bride the sign or token of His goodness towards her. The Royal carriage or the unicorn shown in the moon comes to get her, the angelic host taking her to meet the Groom at the eastern gate of our galaxy. Witnesses on earth see the sign, the token.

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