The Prophetical True Church in the Apocalypse Day

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Daniel & Revelation let us know when God’s true church will appear in the last days. The prophecies of Revelation 13 and 14 pinpoint the time to occur after A.D. 1798. The infant church is based on the pure faith of the early apostles’ beginnings at Pentecost after the cross of Calvary. The “Ten Virgins” as the true prophetical church began to form A.D. 1840 when the prophecy fulfilled concerning the end of the Ottoman empire in Europe in the Book of Daniel. The Ten Virgins are called “spiritual Jews” in the New Testament and are made up of people from all nations of earth, young, old, middle aged, Jew, Gentile, and people from many religions come together believing the entire Holy Scripture. The Investigative Judgment, our one day in God’s courtroom, began operating in heaven with Jesus as our Judge and Lawyer in A.D. 1844, October 22. This day ended the long prophecy of Daniel 8:14 when the sanctuary in heaven would be cleansed, the blood of Jesus sprinkled on the mercy seat of the ark, applied to our record wiping it clean. This happens when we accept the sinless life of Jesus as an exchange for our filthy rags, sinful lives, and His life is recorded as our life lived. Wow! What a golden opportunity!

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