Does God Exist?

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The child innocently stands before me the face upturned listening with all the heart. “Jesus made the flower to make you happy, because He loves you.” We are discussing nature. The pristine daffodil proves to me that there is a Mind behind its creation, that God exists, and He hears my request for the child, and for myself.

The flower’s creation has order, beauty, a plan, design, and means to an end that is a purpose to make us happy, because God loves you and me. The Word of God is the seed planted in my heart and that of the child. The seed has within itself the full plant, and the Word of God the gift inside the promise. When I place my finger on the promise in the Holy Scripture and make my request using the very words of God, I believe in my heart that God is able to answer “yes” as He knows what is best and good for the child and me. Then I thank Him for already answering my request. As I go about the business of the day trusting His promise that He can do what He promised for me, I praise Him for all His benefits given to me that is all around me. My trust is fastened to the promise in the Holy Scripture and in nature, not in my faith that is small as a mustard seed. My confidence in His Word has escalated by mixing faith over the promise that God can do the impossible for me, and that He can let me do the impossible too, fulfilling a prophecy made by God’s own mouth. This pleases God, and He took Enoch to heaven, because Enoch pleased Him in this same way through the promises that He can also do for the child and me. The child does not know right from wrong yet, but God can honor the unselfish request through the adult who has met the conditions for answered prayers unknown to others. The request is that life be given to the child, eternal life, Gilead by the same designer and author of the artistic daffodil meant to make us happy, because He loves us forever.

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