The Indigenous Corn Plant

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Bjarni Herjolfsson became the first European to sight the mainland of North America.

His ship, Greenland-bound was blown off course about 985AD. The Rosslyn Chapel was built 1446AD based on the wall hanging carpet with Solomon’s name on it. The chapel itself was patterned after Solomon’s Carpet, the understanding of its themes coming to Scotland–Rosslyn Chapel, England–Lincoln Cathedral, the sundial, the caves underneath England, Rennes-le-Chateau in Southern France, coming to Scotland through the Knights Templar. Hence, the one native corn plant featured before America had been occupied by Europeans, and the natives of America helping them to plant corn to survive. Columbus discovered America 1492AD. God works in different ways. Never underestimate God. Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathaea and others went to England, according to some verified documents as Christians, fleeing the Roman Empire, and Jerusalem. Joseph of Arimathaea traded copper and tin resourced from the Cornwall region of England from I believe his own mines, for the Roman Empire as a Minister of Trade, and was able to transport fleeing Christians to England, including my family it seems from the coast of Israel to Free-Germania along the Rhine River, and a tributary off the Rhine by the Black Forest, the Valley of the Basket, giving us our family name, a home, and a Coat of Arms 1400’s-1500’s. My mother’s relative and her husband traveled to Germany to search the archives for the Coat of Arms, a rare one, and gleaning information. We all have a purpose, and our families that God can use to help spread the Gospel of the Kingdom, the everlasting Kingdom. Give your will to God, and live daily letting God direct and determine your steps. He has a plan, so do not run ahead of Him, but be content, patient, and willing to surrender all, following God wherever He leads you.

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