The Hill and the Children’s Garden

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The health and fitness of the children with growing bodies are the priorities of the King’s Royal Garden. Children are the future of a prosperous nation.Nutrient-dense produce supply the major minerals and minor trace minerals from the farm to the table. Children can learn how to work most effectively as little farmers owning a small patch of ground. The battle rages in the garden as the children watch the friend versus foe strive for control and learn ways to enhance the work of the friendly bugs. Observation skills are taught as they perceive the neglect versus careful gardening results: lack of timely water, weeds or no weeds, taste compromised or enhanced in the fruit of the vine. The farmer feeds America, and the world. Food is top priority, and so are natural resources that feed a garden. Survival means that food is being grown in the backyard and in the fields, and gardens cannot grow without water,sunlight, fresh air, and nutrients. America should be a nation with thousands of backyard farmers. That is a sign of true growth and the true pursuit of happiness. But the love of gardening must start with the nation’s children.

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