The Copper Scroll’s Window

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God’s right hand holding us up as we lean on His arm makes all the difference, which is our choice to lean on Him. Fears, lack of confidence, abandonment issues, feeling unloved by those who mean the most to uscan be replaced with the power and strength of God. Each human being on earth has a past, has problems galore, but whatever they are, God is able to make you a new person, a royal personage with the royal title of a prince, princess, kings, and queens. He will make our lives match the title. All those promises in the Holy Scripture are true, alive today, including the real lineage of all those dead kings and queens in the royal line of King David, the one line promised to Abraham and David. What it takes is faith, believing in those literal and spiritual promises just for us by accepting them. The new kingdom of heaven is real. It is being formed in our hearts and lives now. The tangible kingdom is strictly protected in heaven’s galaxy, most likely in Andromeda’s Galaxy at its center where all that light shines. Soon, Jesus Christ will return, sitting on the cloud, and the citizens of heaven will rise up to the cloud, and there is when the kingdom will be set-up, not on earth, but in the sky.

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