The Copper Scroll’s Utopia

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Think about such key words as “Fallow Field”, “Potter’s Ravine”, “Irrigated Land”, “Road”, “Pavement”, “Western”, “Eastern”, “Northern”, “Beth-Shem”, “Ten Books in the Aqueduct”,“Stone in the middle of the Sheep Pen”, “Cistern facing East”, “Another Scroll”, “Horon”. No wonder no one has found the huge treasure of gold, silver, and precious stones, not to mention Solomon’s temple furniture and vessels not listed by Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon’s “takeaway and return” policy. No wonder it takes angels to show the way through the mysterious maze. But one thing we do know, God has something very special for His saints. Let us believe His word, and follow the King wherever He might lead us, because He plans to lead us to the cosmos palace that is highly likely next door in Andromeda’s Galaxy. The Mighty Hunter Orion can be seen in the east whether you are in Israel or in America. It is in the Northern Hemisphere of the starry night sky. The corridor to heaven is through its sword. This is the true eastern gate.

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