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When I was nearing my teen years I read a book written just for me. It taught me such things as how to be a lady, and gave me the details. The main thrust of the intentions of the bookwas about the inside of me, but also that the outside was important too. Health, beauty, manners, posture, kindness were stressed. It was just what I wanted and needed. During my stint in boarding high school called an academy, the dean wrote home and told my parents that I was poised, even though on the inside I knew that there was some needed growth. One dean allowed me to keep a kitten I brought to school against the rules, which since I had never dealt with this rule it was not in my mind. All I knew was that I wanted that little kitten and needed its friendship. My heartfelt thanks goes out to that special dean who understood my deep needs and allowed it for a time. Another dean in nursing school let me keep a Magpie in my room in a cage. Can you believe it! But when she found out along the way how big my bird was, it had to go. It was kind of her to care for my needs too. Well, I went to the Post Office and asked the young man if I could ship the bird back to the farm country. Of course I could not, but he asked me for a date. Fortunately, somewhere along the line beforehand, I chose to only date young men that were in my same faith of the Ten Virgins, and declined. The alarm clock is buzzing inside of me. Yes, it is the Son (sun) of God that wakes me up. Time to get up. Drink 16 ounces of cool water. Brush the teeth. Wash the face. Read the Desire of Ages, favorite volume for soothing the soul, bringing much sweet love, joy, and peace for the day’s royal schedule. Write in the Blessing Journal about gratitude for God’s benefits this day. Think about lovely things, true things. Jump on the mini trampoline to jiggle the lymph system. Dry brush the skin. Jump in the shower. Brisk towel scrub to skin. Hearty breakfast of chili beans with finely chopped red onion, and sprinkled vegan cheese to keep blood vessels clear, and fresh fruit. Rinse the mouth. Wait a half hour and brush the teeth. Write a to-do-list for the day. One of the items is to fill out some menus for meals, but when one cooks from scratch by taste, and the budget is tight, then I must utilize leftovers very carefully, use what I have on hand. So the menu is often in my head being tabulated as I go along. My aunt was very good creating something new from leftovers like sweet squash pie and not telling us. It stuck with me. Once I went to help the Navajo Indians in the Holbrook Mission in Arizona when I was probably 17. The cook noticed that I cared about the leftovers and complimented me, and I was only a teenager! She taught me how to make homemade tortillas. The menu must include orange fruit and veggies for skin moisture retention. My lovely daughter inherited beautiful skin, but not from me. Walk for one hour after I eat. There is snow today, so housecleaning is on the agenda, and organizing the files. Well, I got things put into the receipt bag, and mopped the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom and cleaned the toilet and scrubbed the shower walls. Emptied the trash, and learned more about the Pilgrim’s Progress. It encouraged me so much to stay on the right path leading to the Cosmos palace of the King, and not be misled by multiple temptations of any kind. Tomorrow will be sunny, so to the garden for light work. Transplanting tomatoes into bigger pots, and weeding the green house. We will see what the boss says, and the weather reality. Must cultivate when transplants are in the field, keeping the weed seeds at bay, and soil retention of moisture for the soil. It is up to the boss to keep the rows straight and adequately space rows so I can cultivate with the wheel cultivator, one of the latest additions to the farm. As you see, no matter what stage in life I am in, life is a beautiful challenge with lots of personal rewards and contentment in my personal possession of the little benefits from God all night, and all day. My mother was a stay-at-home mom. She was a stickler for details, and slightly on the fussy side of life. When my youngest sister set the clock forward and left for school early, my mother caught it, and supervised her faithfully. Every second is a treasure given to me from God. May I be faithful in all these little things that are so important for my future destiny. Maybe you too have been inspired about how wonderful one day in life can be in shaping your future. What is most important is the inside of you, then it doesn’t matter what others say or do to you, you are still you as you wish you to be. Have a wonderful day my friends.

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