The Copper Scroll’s Land of Angels

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“Manos”, I believe, when combining different languages on earth together means “land of good Angels”. It is specifically referring to the place where the treasure was hidden byKing David and Solomon, but you will be surprised at its full meaning. There are four good angels on earth keeping back wars and utter chaos until each human being has a chance to make a “choice” whether to obey God totally, or Satan. This is the Great Controversy between good and evil. Each one of us has our Judgment Day while alive and walking around on earth according to the light we have, and not on an occasional misdeed, but pivoting on the trend in our lives, and how we treat others. That Judgment while we are alive could be going on right now. Warning others, helping even elderly people in their sunset years to be ready is part of that treatment. Just recently, God helped me help my elderly mother to see something in her life that came from childhood that could come between her and heaven. With some firmness that my father was not able to accomplish as her husband, God helped me to get through to my mom, and now she is so much happier like overnight. Praise the Lord that elderly people can change too in the strength God gives them. Sometimes good angels help keep us safe by whispering in our ear, prompting us to the right course of action, diverting our steps during the day to a safe place, and influencing men and women in high places to make the right decisions at the right time. We will walk with angels when we choose God as our King and ruler. The High Priest is included in the Copper Scroll as well. What a marvelous Scroll to show up in our day, leading us to life.

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