Song of Song’s She-goat of Gilead

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Do you want to live forever and never die? Any thing is possible with God! Obadiah 19 states that Benjamin-Juda shall possess Gilead. Gilead has the springs and the blessing asked for by Caleb’s daughter Achsah and her request was granted. The She-goat and the goats of Gileadappearing means that striving to become one of the 144,000 having the character measurement of 144 cubits, the same as the King, is very real in the Song of Solomon. The goats from Gilead are mentioned in Songs 1:8; 4:1; 6:5. Capella in the Charioteer is the bright eye in the She-goat with her three kids, the hand of the Mighty Hunter in the sky, and also mentioned in Songs 1:8. Feeding beside the shepherds’ tents means “life forever” for the she-goat and her kids, if she keeps the King’s charge given to her to the finish line. Heaven is cheap enough!

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