Jewish Wedding and the Gentile

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First, the bride circles the groom three or seven times, the very numbers that symbolize a Sovereign King. The bride is thinking, Someone I never dreamt of having. The bride and Groom turn around in the Chuppah preparing to lead the processional to the Honeymoon Suite. Now the Groom is on the right side and the bride on the left.She has received Gilead, the birthright blessing of Rachel, Joseph’s House through matrimony. This is the moment her territory enlarges to include the left side, Joseph’s House as well as Benjamin-Juda’s south land received at conception. The Kinsman-Redeemer Boaz has now saved the desolate south land cities from extinction. The Tabernacle of David is revived, and the throne restored to the rightful heir. The Live Coal of David has been burning throughout the ages. The 13th month, the last month of the biblical year ends with Esther’s festival, this year on March 31st, 2018 at the full moon, Karite time. Israel during ancient times had their latter rain in March, and the former rain in the fall. The latter rain links with the fasting and prayers of Queen Esther and her people. This is where the live coal can be found, through Esther’s fast and prayer, which can let the bride do the impossible. Remove the mountain of difficulty by separating the serpents from the maul and the sword with the right hand of righteousness, and stepping on the head of Satan with the right foot. It is the Loud Cry in the last days, and the Ten Virgins, the true movement, take the field: the whole wide world. The Loud Cry links with Esther’s Festival in its theme, the Live Coal. The King comes through the royal corridor to the entrance of the eastern gate within the sword of Orion to claim His bride, and take her to His Father’s cosmos palace. He comes up to the galaxy in which we live, breathe, and die from generation to generation of descendants.

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