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There must be a good and noble reason to be able to possess a secret weapon. My mother and I have spent four summers working on our family farm with a mother and grandmother visible to the community helping greet people, weed, and pick produce. The first summer gave me 9 seasons of farm work, not including my childhood, teen, and college years. A family farm has hidden resources, hidden inspiration, hidden work not seen by the public eye, a hidden backbone of backbones, a fan club, my mother the biggest fan of all. When you are talking to the “farmer” of a family farm, you can never fully understand the dynamics, because of his “secret weapon”. What can trigger a man to move a mountain, conquer the world, climb the highest peak? It is a blessing from heaven. The Godhead of the kingdom of Heaven has a “secret weapon” that will be revealed in the newest video. Enjoy its movie trailer as well. The Holy Scripture and the sky stories that God wrote with stars reveals the past, present, and future. We can trust them to determine our feet, direct our paths, and bring things to pass making us healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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