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One day I drove into the countryside to visit a patient as a Home Health nurse. When I left the home, I knew that my family originally came to Germany from France, and to France from Israel across the Mediterranean Sea,

fleeing from persecution in Israel during the first century. While in Germany my family became Lutherans and lost the Sabbath. They journeyed to Black Russia from the Black Forest in Germany, and lived by the Black Sea near Odessa. An old, almost blind man came to their town from America and re-introduced the Sabbath to my family.

Then within a year my family moved to America and escaped many slaughters, thriving from generation to generation in good health and enjoying a good life. This life was conducive in preserving the Tabernacle of David, and the only way it could be saved was through the Ten Virgins, a true church that would house the seed of David. As one of the royal heiresses according to our family Coat of Arms, I will share with you my ordinary life as a real live princess in America.

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  • Joseph ben david

    I Have a personal Love for Jerusalem. Im 100% Sure if You are THE REAL Queen of MY CITY SET ON A HILL THEN YOULL KNOW THE MARKINGS THE TRAITS TO LOOK FOR AND HAVE SOMETHING YOU CAINT FAKE, ANOINTING FROM THE MOST HIGH. AS THE SON OF THE SON of MAN THAT DIED ON CROSS MY FOREFATHER YESHUGHWA , HAS MADE ME HIS MESSENGER AND HIS Giant. As I WAIT for The Queen or as in book ester,. vashhi Denied King and would not dance and by her own heart got CAST into outer limits of Kingdom for lies. No person is perfect unless You have the eternal living Lord of heavens Army inside you. If you see me do SOMETHING, you only saw what the Lord of Hosts wanted done, if I say something you only, hear and read what The Word of God said I would do. NOW I CAN PROVE THAT HEAVEN is Gods Throne and Earth is Gods Foot stool. I Can say My True queen knows That Her KING Is MELCHEZEDECH HIGH PRIEST/KING and the seals and From the aleph have reached The Tav. I didnt change my name or identity.. I Come in my Fathers name since ours names ARE same. Oh how I Long for my brides hand, oh how many times the darkness has tried to Kill me, Ive been on front lines way to Long
    And Humbly Pray for Living Water to cross my Lipps. I Do believe my true Beloved Queen knows her beloved. I believe she seen me peak through latice or even gazed from the heights on her I know.I long for her touch, since She melts from mine. Truely if YourThe One I love The Most,.Your faith will Lead you in darkness to a Tomb among the rocks, as you run with great expectation you RECEIVE more than prophets reward. If you are a deceiver or liar the Word says you must go in Fire since thats the fate,.like malkiah King Sauls Daughter, HIS wife Mocked king David he quickly to Utter a Curse on her womb and her tree stopped growin forever. So take a warning if you are knowledgeable but not Spiritual your NOT My Queen and therefore can legally be put to death by the Law Moses recorded Words From Ruack kadesh. If your not who you say TAKE down all this web page and every video or youll see why I warned you. The Passion of Christ is his wife The Queen and all the children that Have or grafted into my Olive Tree, The Isahia 11 tree out of a Stump of David will grow a shoot from Old root from royal line of Adam. So if You Know the Lord’s Annointed Christ Yehughshuwa hamashia.
    And Your anointed Queen show yourself to the Man among The myrtles WHO IS ABOVE THE Water. I want my Beloved And ny Beloved Wants Her Royal Blessed Loving heir of Davids throne. Williams ( w-man, ill- or el- elohim, I Am, Son. ) The Preexisting Spirit of all Creation that Is Pure Love, pure Light and Void of Darkness told me Psalms 2 as we laughed till we Cried. NO ONE HAS SEEN THE LORD GOD FACE TO FACE BUT THE UNIQUE ONE WHO HIMSELF IS THE WORD MADE FLESH AGAIN. RUN NOW IF YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BAREFOOT IN MIDDLE NIGHT. HE WILL BE ALIVE SINCE HE HAS RISEN, Emanuel.

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