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God wakes me up early in the mornings. Then I pray to Him for a couple of hours while still in bed more or less. There is something beautiful happening inside my heart. My love and forgiveness has been extending to everyone slow but sure. It is just an awareness on my part that it is happening.Praise the Lord! It is a wonderful experience. Thank you Lord for answering my earnest prayers about myself. My own belief and obedience stays intact, yet I am able to love myself as I love others, and thus really blessed. Suddenly, I find myself singing everywhere. It is a God thing in my life and surely makes others happier around me. Nothing is possible in my own strength, which is weak. But I can do all things that are impossible in God’s strength like the promise in Matthew 17:20-21, removing a whole mountain, an impossible thing by myself. Psalm 86:15-17 promises that He will show the token of good, and the enemies will be made ashamed, and God’s promises comfort me. The promise is my Rock even though my faith is as small as a grain of mustard seed, the promise, God’s Word, stands firm and unmovable. Fasting and praying is how we do the impossible things. When I arise to go about my duties of the day I am strengthened to meet the day whatever it may bring, trusting in the promises. How can I help but sing praises to God as I work.

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