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Meet My Precious Family

As the author of the Inheritance Series from the Song of Solomon, I proudly present my family of two children and my late husband who rests peacefully until the King of kings returns to take His saints from earth to heaven. Studying Jewish Weddings and their economy is like reading prophecy. The Chuppah or tent symbolizes the Father’s house in heaven where the Royal carriage is taken from earth to heaven. Always in Jewish Weddings the parents of the Groom and the parents of the bride must be inside the Chuppah or a place designated as inside, but not sitting in the audience. The grandfather sitting on the front row on the bride’s side of the room, the right side, expresses one tear from the right eye symbolizing the desolate cities of the ancient patriarchs, who God promised to bless with the springs of Gilead. Benjamin-Judah shall have Gilead-Obadiah 19. The bride stands on the right side under the Chuppah near her parents. The Groom stands on the left side near his parents. The Father in heaven gives His blessing as the Sovereign of the universe to the couple-Song of Solomon 5:1. The tribe of Judah is on the right side, and the House of Joseph as Gilead, life forever, on the left. When the wedding processional moves to the honeymoon suite with the universal guests, the groom walks on the right side of the bride now His wife. He is now King of kings of both Jew and Gentile when combining the House of Joseph with the tribe of Benjamin-Judah through matrimony. When the marriage is consummated, the selected people stand near the door to determine for themselves that it indeed has been consummate. The Groom steps out of the room onto the patio to announce that the marriage is now one seed of Abraham. The cross made it all possible in God’s strength, the second Boaz or the House of Joseph. The token of good is the sign of Ezekiel that had been witnessed bringing comfort to the Shulamith. There is peace and rest. Thank

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