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Remember the story of the shepherd boy David, and how he picked up five little stones and put them in his shepherd’s pouch? One little stone went up in the air, and the giant came tumbling down, down, down, down, down to the ground!Isn’t that just like one little story that God wrote in the sky with His own fingers drawn with stars? Something so hidden as the tongue, the strongest muscle in the human body can inflict pain so deep that it goes way down into the belly. Gossip and slander are the little foxes that cause emotional pain. It does matter who inflicts the pain, the ones we look up to and trust and respect from babyhood. These are called “beatings” in the Song of Solomon 5:7. It is believed that King Solomon received a plan from Pharaoh of Egypt to hide the Ark of the Covenant if need be through “beating” the Jachin and Boaz pillars filled with sand at the entrance to the magnificent temple. The sand would press down, down, down with each little grain of stone triggering the lever hidden under the Most Holy Place. The cage then would rise up into the most holy place marked by a large square tile on the floor of the place. Faithful Jews then lifted the ark onto the cage, and its weight gently dropped into a tunnel below where more Jews waited to transport the ark to the hidden cave ready to receive it. See how the “beating” triggered the machine to start up? That is how it is in the Ten Virgin’s church today, the Advent Movement, which began according to the word of prophecy stating just when it would begin to shoot forth after A.D. 1798 called the “Beginning of the End” of earth’s history as we know it today.

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