Little Boy David Slaying the Giant

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The “beatings” start the machinery among the “Ten Virgins”, God’s true church in the last days. Emotional beatings that run deep into the belly. The “beatings” stir the compassionatevirgins into action, compelling them to reach out with love to the wounded among them, letting the wounded have the human right to speak. God’s stories in the sky, His huge courtroom, is doing that very thing, allowing the wounded to speak. God is the judge in His courtroom, and an extremely fair judge and lawyer. You know all about God’s courtroom from babyhood on up. It is true. Each one of us can have one day in God’s courtroom especially dealing with our individual case. Isn’t that wonderful? There are witnesses, our guardian and recording angels to give an accurate report about us. We have witnesses and protectors as our trial proceeds. Wow! It is Satan and his wicked angels that have done the “beatings”. He would ruin all of us if he could, but God’s guardian angels outwit, outsmart, and possess strength straight from God’s STRONG right arm. We have nothing to fear with them on our side.

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