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The photo above is an aromatic garden garlic lily in bloom. Today its simple garlic clove draws the focus of modern medical research. Recognized for thousands of years for its amazing curative powers.We know it for its potent bouquet, and even the scientific world documents it as a potential antibiotic, anticancer, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and its goodness goes on and on. Garlic is just one of the amazing garden whole foods available with little hard work and the love of gardening.

There is a legal congregation, formed in A.D. 1863 that promotes good health by doing research right where it counts, and helping sick people all over the world, teaching people how not to get sick. Simply called the Garlic “Lilies” in the garden, highlighted by the Song of Solomon. They are the people who sponsor the AMEN clinics done by medical professionals who provide specific free services such as Vision: pre-screening, eye exam, prescription glasses, Medical: basic medical screening, how to reverse diabetes, health promotion and education, illness diagnosis and minor treatments, and Dental: fillings, extractions, cleanings, restorative. Google Adventist Medical Evangelism Network-AMEN to find a clinic being offered in your region. There is an AMEN clinic being offered that I know about in Placerville, California at the Seventh-Day Adventist church August 24 on Friday from 8 am-5pm, and Sunday the 26th from 8am-5pm. The location address: Experience Center 6825 Mother Lode Dr. Placerville, CA 95667
Phone number: 530-622-2446

“Where is your Beloved gone now? O woman who has captured the King’s heart! Where has He stopped to rest at noon? We want to follow Him wherever He goes!” Song of Solomon 6:1.

“He is gathering Garlic Lilies in His garden. My people, the Ten Virgins are garlic people like the Shunnemite’s people in the Northern kingdom. They know about the healthy lifestyle that fresh garlic brings to them, and simply eat lots of garlic and other fresh garden whole foods, and sweet fresh grape juice from the vines. We actually have medical educators teaching people world-wide how to live longer and have that sought-after wonderful quality of life that brings happiness.”

“I am a rose of Sharon that provides medicinal balm from Gilead that gives life, the truth about the King’s wedding plans, and I am also from among the garlic lily people, the Ten Virgins, who live in the valleys, earth.” Song of Solomon 2:1.

The Mahanaim Sword Dance done on Av 15th is linked to the Song of Solomon’s famous stealing away of the bride. Song of Solomon 6:12-13.

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