Gate of Hope

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How does one get through the Gate made of solid Pearl? Let’s begin with the unity of Faith. Do you have confidence in the Holy Scripture about a God that really exists and hears you when you talk to Him?Are you able to put your finger on the promise and claim it for yourself, thanking the God who is really hearing you for already answering your request? Do you believe enough to fast and pray about your request in earnest? Do you believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your Messiah, whose blood sprinkled on the west side of the mercy seat for you? Jesus who lived a sinless life, a perfect man on earth with the measurement of 144 cubits that is available for you to accept as your own. You then would be a wall that measures the same. The girl to capture Isaac’s heart would be the same stature as Jesus: pure, truthful, pleasant, quiet, meek and lowly, having the mind and character of Jesus, and focusing on how to help others, especially caring for the interest of Jesus and His gospel business.

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