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There is one thought that we must understand. The Old Jerusalem was destroyed in A.D. 70 by Titus. The Jews were scattered all over the world for 2000 years in all nations wandering without a country of Israel. The promises in the Holy Word said they would return to Israel in modern times.

But the modern Israel is not on the right mountain to be the new Jerusalem, because the new Jerusalem will come down out of heaven and set on the Mount of Olives near Bethany where his best friends lived, Lazarus and his two sisters Martha and Mary of Magdala. The Holy Scripture tells us that modern Israel would happen by God’s supernatural powers. And it did as we all know. The new Jerusalem once again becomes the capital of the kingdom of heaven as the modern Jerusalem became the recognized capital of the Sovereign State of Israel on earth. It will be created by the twelve tribes of Jacob and the Inheritance laws of Moses, its foundation based upon the teachings of the twelve apostles, faith. The new Jerusalem is called Gilead with its springs of everlasting youth. The Angel of the Lord, the true Messiah, conversed face-to-face with Keturah her real name and symbolic name Hagar. God as the Angel of the Lord told her Ishmael would be a great nation as protectors of the seed of Abraham. They would have a part in the brideline. The Angel of the Lord was God who became Mary’s baby, and Joseph’s adopted Son of man. This is the One that fully establishes modern Israel to glorify his name even though Israel had unbelief. The Song of Solomon shows us how God establishes the Tabernacle of David, the crowns of David. It is all about the kingdom of heaven through a marriage according to the Inheritance laws of Moses. Boaz did the same in his plans to marry Ruth and redeem not only the lineage of Elimelech, but his land as well. The woman chosen will qualify to be on the Cosmos Beauty Pageant and obey the dietary laws as well as accept the Messiah as her God and Savior. She will have been raised among the Ten Virgins and obey the Ten Commandments, all of them, in God’s strength. She will have accepted the sinless and perfect life of the Messiah while living on earth for her own as though she lived that perfect life. It is her gift from the cross. Yes, she is a vegetarian though that is not a test of fellowship among the Ten Virgins. But to look younger longer and as healthy as possible, then being a vegetarian is a very wise and personal decision.

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