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The dead kings of Israel and Judah lost their crowns to the Gentiles until their times should be used up. The Jews lost their nation until the times of the Gentiles in controlling Jerusalem should be finished, and that happened when modern Israel became a Sovereign nation once again, but not as the former. The kingship inheritance is still active and will go to the rightful and legal heir who will establish the new kingdom in heaven. The crown of Israel went to the Assyrians when they were captured and taken to Assyria in 723 B.C., and the ten lost tribes assimilated into the people of Assyria. This was the Northern Kingdom of David’s throne. Then in 586 B.C. the southern crown went to the empire of Babylon, and did not return until October 22, A.D. 1844. Now the two thrones of the northern and southern kingdoms have once again met together in the most holy place in heaven. The last in line of the southern kings of Judah died on a cross as the Jewish King. When He was resurrected early on the first day of the week, Sunday, He earned the right to be the legal heir of David’s throne as its successor. The Copper Scroll is about the Tabernacle of David.

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