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Jewish Weddings unroll prophecy. The canopy is heaven where the Father lives. The bride and Groom are in the tent or under the canopy. The guests are on earth outside the canopy. The ten bridesmaids are the true church or movement as guests

who attend the wedding ceremony by faith while still living on earth. The line of King’s in the balcony of the painting reveal that the Groom takes over the throne of David, next in line and secures the throne as the closest living Kinsman-Redeemer. It is about real people. The city is the bride in reality concerning the one, New Jerusalem, for king David’s sake. The bride’s grandfather expresses one tear out of his right eye crying for a Kinsman-Redeemer to save the Royal line for all are dead as they are ancient. The Groom stands at the left side of the bride as Boaz or the Firstborn Ephraim. When the ceremony

is finished the processional starts and the Groom now stands on the bride’s right side. He has now redeemed king David’s Tabernacle through a marriage to a seed of Israel, the Shulamith in the Song of Solomon from the Royal line of Solomon.

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