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Eliezer, Abraham’s servant prayed that God would bring the girl of His choice for Isaac, and that she would water his camels that drink lots of water after such a dusty and long ride.He stopped at the well where the girls would come for water, many girls from the village. The many girls were talking and laughing as they drew up water for their pitchers that would water their flocks. But none even took a second look at the older man in travel stained clothes. None but one beautiful daughter in the land who only saw a stranger in need of hospitality and kindness. Why bother and waste time over an elderly man, and a stranger. She didn’t give it a second thought, but immediately began to pour water into the trough for the camels belonging to Eliezer. It took a long time, and her arm got tired, but she didn’t stop until they were well watered, and a cup of water given to the tired travelers. Then she extended a warm welcome and invited them to her father’s tent for supper and a night’s lodging of safety. Her face was wreathed in a beautiful smile, and her soft voice giving the welcomed invite. Eliezer asked her for the name of her father, and where she lived, giving her expensive gifts to her amazement. Rebekah led the way to her father’s tent, and explained the situation to him, asking him to extend his hospitality. Eliezer realizing that this was indeed the family of Abraham’s kinsman explained the intent of his long journey for a wife for Isaac, heir to Abraham’s household and flocks and herds. The men in the family asked Rebekah what her wishes were in regards to the matter, and she said simply, “I will go”. When they reached the field of Abraham’s region, a young man could be seen in the distance coming towards them. Rebekah asked who it was, and then learning it was Isaac, she slipped off the camel, and placed a veil over her face. Isaac came up to her and taking her hand led him to his mother’s tent, who had passed away leaving a grieving son. At last he was comforted, and had closure to his grief, his love fully establishing itself around Rebekah as the woman of his dreams. His laughter of pure joy and happiness rang through the field from one boundary marker to another. He never took another wife as his father and sons to come did. One wife only, her name meaning “nurse”. Rebekah forgot about herself, and helped a stranger by offering him water. Surely she would do the same for her husband, children, friends, and strangers in the future. Isaac represented the Angel of the Lord who would come to earth as a baby, and go to heaven as a real man looking for one wife as well. He would walk in the field waiting for His mail-order wife to arrive from the corridor between heaven and earth, and only then would He be truly comforted after His mother Mary’s death.

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