I am My own Fortress

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. Up-to-date information on Planet Earth. A maiden spent over one thousand dollars to make her home a fortress preventing intruders coming into the house at night. She cried out loud in the darkness by wedging doors, nooks and crannies of secret entrances, and the house was made as tight as a drum, so she could sleep at night.

Suddenly, she understands Song of Solomon 4:12 beginning in Songs 5:8. It is the King’s proposal to her, the disguised Shepherd in the vineyard! He notices how her home has become like “Fort Knox”, a strong fortress within herself, her heart, and physically in her home, locked doors, windows, and secret entrances, alarms, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, and 72,000 good angels surrounding her mother’s home, where she has come to help her mother. A flag flies high in the castle of this home. When she discovers the secret verse, the King’s proposal, her heart skips a beat. It is for real. Fort Knox brought to her this highly prized proposal. Her acceptance speech is made in verse 16. The King’s response is given in 5:1, a break between 4:16 and 5:1. Only the Heavenly Father knows the timing of this royal love story’s wedding and honeymoon dates. Her heart is comforted, because she knows that she is in good hands with the most eligible bachelor securing her borders with gold and silver.

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