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Daniel 7:9, 10. The Investigative Judgment started October 22, 1844 in the fall.

The Judgment of the Dead has been finished, those before A.D. 1844. Soon, the Judgment will begin again with the books opened for the Judgment of the Living, and the Sealing determining who stays alive and is translated without dying. The blue cushions or thrones placed strategically in the heavenly courtroom, the 24 elders as expert witnesses. The accuser of the people of God is the devil, the red dragon, the beast which the heads or kingdoms ride upon through the ages. Satan was cast down from heaven to earth, because he sinned and took a third of the angels from heaven with him. Now he is trying to get us all lost just as he and his evil angels are lost. He uses lies, deceiving many people. The Word of God with the power of the Holy Spirit to interpret and guide us, can save us by His power. Ask for it. Dig in the Word of God, don’t just skim carelessly, but dig deeper into the mine of truth to find the precious gems. Wisdom and understanding are its rewards, and will help us live victoriously.

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