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Women come in all types of packages custom fit for their Mr. Right. You may be an extrovert, or like me shy. Typically, I try my best to avoid looking at the man that grabs my attention, and will pretend that I do not even notice him even though I am struggling to control the butterflies flitting in my tummy. Looking at him from a distance is more comfortable. If you were to catch my eye it might unravel me and totally unnerve me. It is important how I walk, hopefully I can make a wiggle or two for style, and sit or walk with good posture, which I care about. It is easier from me to converse when others cannot overhear, because I can easily become awkward in my words, and could become silent with so much effort controlling my nerves, and concentrating on what he is saying as I am a good listener. My ability to focus and control my anxiety at the same time can make my plate too full, losing ability for direct eye contact, and everything folds up on me. If I am interested I will remember everything in detail for a very long time. The man has to initiate the first move, speaking directly, and being nice. If I am uninterested in the man, I actually can become more comfortable and show less shyness around other people. The slightest meaningful touch could make me faint, or catch my breath in shock. Especially on social media, I certainly do not want to give the idea that I am interested, because I have a very hard time coming clear and admitting my feelings for the man I am stuck on. The man must initiate, and then give me time to respond. When I read the definition of shyness, I suddenly knew for sure that I was the shy type. It is such a good feeling to understand myself better, and how I tick. The dead give away is when I remember what is said years afterward, and that has happened to me. When I am interested, my fragility becomes acutely noticeable to myself, my need for the man to protect me, and to help compensate where I am weak, and he the type that is very strong, steady, confident, and determined. It makes me almost come unglued, and I struggle to keep myself together. This comes naturally, these fragile moments when the man senses that he is a hero in my eyes, and I am a maiden in distress that he picks up in a flash. It is the masculine coming in contact with ultra femininity that is unspoken, but the man falls deeply in love with me for a lifetime. He knows that he can make me happy, or if it is not Mr. Right, unhappy. He knows that I do appreciate what he has to offer me. When you read the Song of Solomon watch for the shyness of the maiden, and the extrovert personality of the King. The alternating male and female voices reveal the maiden actually drawing the King to her, and she hidden in the stairs yet very interested in him. It is an extreme challenge for the King, and he does interact in a direct and kindly manner gaining her trust until she can admit her feelings for him as mutual. Then the royal love story can finally move forward to the ultimate goal of restoring the Garden of Eden’s original plan thwarted by the prince of darkness. The Song of Solomon shows a maiden how to be a lady, and how to draw out the affections of the man she loves without him realizing it until he is head over heals in love with her exclusive of all other women.

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