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Have you ever been lost in the forest and as you sleep under the boughs of the tree a nightmare disturbs your sleep as it has been for many nights? You feel lonely, unloved, friendless, and lost as to who you really are as a woman? There is definite help for all of us in learning how to be a real lady. My grandfather even though he had dementia would go out looking for “My Lady”. The best help comes first. Forget about guys for right now. How to be a lady is your greatest need for you personally to be comfortable in your own skin, and to be yourself. Learn the etiquette of kindness, which includes appropriate manners such as introducing people, table manners, thinking of others and blessing them with kindness. Your very own mother or someone’s mother is a good place to start, and that is where I still am working on to this very day. Taking care of your parents gives lots of practice, and blessings in growing character. Remember to be grateful for any kindness others do for you and say thank you. Hand-written thank-you notes are still in vogue. When you would like a favor say please. Don’t be afraid to say no. It is important to know how to say no and set boundaries. Men’s ungodly human nature can take over, and the ungodly ones may pick on those who are vulnerable, widows and fatherless for example. Another advanced descriptive word is “bullying” that is an ungodly trait. Be strong. Do not show fear. Be confident. Keep a good posture. Set them in their place, and do not let them cross your boundaries. Even get ticked off to show you mean it with your facial expressions. Don’t be too friendly, but keep a serious face saying that you mean what you say. When girls snub you, do not let them think it bothers you, for they will do it again. If it doesn’t bother you, it takes the fun out of it, and they will look for someone else to snub. Make many friends, boys and girls, men and women, and treat them both with good manners. Especially have some close female friends as your support group, and protection. Have good posture when sitting, standing, or walking. It enhances good health, and gives a sense of well being. Others notice good posture and see you as confident. Concentrate on listening well when talking with someone as though they were the only person in the world right then. Be a good conversationalist by asking them about themselves. Keep up with the current world news. When attending college I would sometimes stay in my room to listen to Paul Harvey to help my conversational skills. You already know about yourself and that is boring, right? Be Fascinating. My late husband really liked it when I smiled more often. He said that it made me pretty. He encouraged me to be elegant, and protected my heart. Compliment people when you sincerely like their good taste in fashion when giving you birthday boots you love and so do others, or how well they play the piano that blesses you so much. Men do like it when the woman has self-discipline and self-control. Keep yourself educated all the time, keeping ahead by reading a lot. Be a perpetual learner. When visiting in someone’s home, let them direct you as to where to sit, or leave a coat. Maybe the hostess wants you to take off your shoes, and would be very offended if you did not. She might not invite you back. My cousin’s wife cared very much. Be friendly and respectful. Treat each person with dignity no matter who they are or what they do. Stay poised, calm, and natural. If you are upset, keep it to yourself, and smile though your heart is breaking. Do not wear your feelings on your sleeve as a true lady once said in my presence. Be unselfish and live to bless others. Let sunshine into your soul, and then let it shine out to others. Don’t complain or gripe. Be content and grateful for every blessing that comes your way. Think on lovely things, and good things about others. Bring the best out of them. Be feminine. Be yourself. Develop a skill or expertise in some area of interest such as a job. Do voluntary work in the community. Construct an awesome character. No one, not even God, and can do it for you. Be ready. You will be unaware when that royal carriage stops right in front of you, and the prince steps out wanting no one but you, and has been thinking of you day and night for who knows how long! Married? Still be that maiden in distress and let him be your hero to help you that only he can do. Have a life too, and be busy doing it. Preserve your individuality, and let him keep his as well. Then you are a true team. Use the tone of voice to lasso him on a daily basis. Be pleasant to be around and fun. Don’t cry too much, but be cheerful and looking out for him. Keep him healthy, nourished, and well cared for. Give him man space. He needs time alone in nature.

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