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  • cindy

    The Song of Solomon has a literary structure divided into 14 sections, and 12 primary sections of the journey to sections 13 and 14. King Solomon, definitely the author to the Ballad Linear Poem with prophecy matching God’s star stories written with stars and names, used the art of effective or persuasive writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. He used nature in the metaphors and similes, and colas to convey a message. The king had the privilege of writing a song about the establishment in the last days up in heaven of the throne of David, a linear poem that forms the shape of a cupid arrow shot by the heavenly Archer in the sky. It kills the wolf, and the Eagle who dies for humans on earth, and resurrected like a dolphin jumping out of the sea, sends the arrow to the galaxy of Andromeda, the heart of heaven, the Most Holy Place, the throne room where the Heavenly Father sits, and His Son stands. John chapter 20 tells the story of the Crown Prince of heaven awaking from the tomb early the first day of the week, Sunday, and keeping Mary Magdalene, a good family friend, a best friend of His half-sister, from touching Him. He states that He has to ascend to heaven that very day to be accepted by His Father after the cross. He won back the place as the Second Adam with His decided victory in the Wilderness of Temptation, but He needs to receive the paperwork stating that He indeed is the rightful ruler of Planet Earth, wresting it back from Satan, the prince of darkness on earth. Revelation chapters 4 and 5 tell the story of the deed to Earth written on the scroll given to Him in heaven, because He earned the right to be the lawful ruler of Earth, and could break open the seal activating the deed. The Song of Solomon is about restoring the original plan of the Garden of Eden with a new couple, the Second Adam, (Lamed), and a Gehbirah from Earth. The southland is hers from birth, and the southern crown was lost on the cross with a “said” criminal record of “treason” forfeiting all inheritance rights, because He did not kill himself as Ahithophel, grandfather of Bathsheba had to do in order to save his Judah inheritance. He did not save Himself in order to save mankind.

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