Finding the Most Auspicious Jewish Wedding Day

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The daughters of Shiloh would come out to do the Mahanaim Dance in the Moonlight shining on the vineyard the 15th of Av at the full moon. They said, “Young man, consider who you choose to be your wife.”The girls were soon-to-be brides. The Mananiam means “God-Host and Angelic Host” of the two camps of heaven. God chooses too. The men hid in the vineyards and watched for the one girl they planned to take away. This was how the men from the tribe of Benjamin got their wives, taking them back to the land of Benjamin, which includes Jerusalem. All the young girls wore white dresses, equal to each other. The United States Embassy in Jerusalem was dedicated May 14, 2018. May 23 the government told the farmers where firebrands were being thrown into the wheat fields to harvest their wheat early even though the grain was not ready. Shavuot is the festival to end the harvest, even though there will be yet more wheat to harvest after the festival. It provides a new grain offering to God. Shavuot was celebrated May 20 this year, too soon for the wheat to be harvested. That is why according to the ancient crops of wheat, the fields would have been harvested in June, pushing the festivals ahead one month placing Shavuot on June 18 to 19. That would make Av 15th August 26 at the full moon, and then the fall festival, the high holy days, in October to early November.

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