King Solomon Searching for a Bride

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One day you decide to do something you love to do, help little children who need glasses to read the textbooks in the classroom. So you join a group going to a faraway country, a third world country deprived of many things you take for granted in America. The long day is finished, and the donated glasses have found their new owners, children needing them. The air is still warm even in the evening,so you hop into a bathing suit and grab your Scuba gear and mask, something that you took a class to learn how to do it, and found out that you simply loved looking at the sea creatures, shells, sea plants and identifying them. You are so busy that you do not see another Skuba Diver coming up to where you are in the water. You suddenly find yourself looking through your mask into another mask and a pair of blue eyes looking back into your hazel ones. It is Mr. Right doing what he loves too, and helping the same people in a different sort of way with the skills and training he received back in the States. She learned how to be a lady before she came to help, and now she feels like a maiden in distress with the butterflies in her tummy. He senses her need of his strength, and falls in love with her on the spot, thinking, “She is the very one for me!”

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