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. I have created a personal family fundraiser, because my son Merton, a Norwegian young man, has successfully farmed five seasons on rented land. He needs a home farm to own, so that he can make his dream come true. Young people need our help today, and farming develops topnotch citizens of America. You would like to donate to help a future farmer of America, and others wouldn’t you? Go to Cindy Rockney’s Facebook home page and hit the donate button now.

What is the definition of a family farm? Environmental stewardship, community involvement, and preserving the heritage of family farming make up the ideal of what it means to be a family farmer. Keeping family farmers on the land—-
all of them–is our only hope for a better system of agriculture in this country. (Excerpts from “Ask Farm Aid”). Family farm-based food system benefits farmers and eaters alike, as well as the communities and environments that support them. In times of financial crisis, food scare, wars, public health crisis, family farm grown food protects the health and pocketbook of the eaters. The season has started for our fifth season of the true American family managed and rented family farm. We do most of our own labor, make decisions, from greenhouse seedlings planted directly into the ground when the weather is right. Yes, we work on a family farm of America, and proud to grow food for America. I am a farmer’s daughter. My grandfather, his father, his father, his father all the way back to, I believe, free Germania, where you would have to be farmers to survive.

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