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This website is about the “Testimony of Joseph”. Ephraim the Father’s Firstborn, that Jacob blessed with his right hand is Jesus called Israel in the New Testament.

Jesus has gone to heaven, but Revelation Seven reveals that the tribe of Joseph is still listed as among the 144,000 on earth. It is the tribe of Joseph according to Psalm 81 that appears to go as Enoch’s to heaven first, taken up by heaven. Manasseh was the firstborn earthly tribe of Joseph, and is in this reference the tribe of Joseph, the 1/2 tribe on the east side of the Jordan, Gilead. Gilead means life to us, life that belonging to the 144,000 gives, translated without seeing death someday soon. We must strive to be among them. The measurement of 144 cubits is describing the righteousness of Jesus that becomes our character and strength. It forms a perfect cube: the character and strength of Jesus as our own. The King’s Wedding is very important, and becoming one of its guests is something none of us should miss. It is the wedding banquet that we will be able to attend in person in heaven. When Jesus comes back to take His beloved people with Him on the cloud of glory. We will take one week to get to heaven, visiting a planet with people who have never sinned on the way. They will provide a Sabbath meal for us.

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