Earth’s Past, Present, and Future

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The maiden leans against a tree trunk bent over and contemplates her good fortune. She realizes that she is the luckiet woman in the whole universe! Her late husband said he was the luckiest,but that has all changed. He also said that no one could love her as much as he does. But that is no longer true, because the King loves her much, much more. Can that be possible? Now the fact is secure: “You may now make your son a prince, your daughter a princess, and three granddaughters princesses as of today!” Psalm chapter 45, a Gregorian Chant along with Psalm 69, wedding chapters of the Groom and bride. Looking through the window heavenward has surely paid off well. She is soon to be the richest lady on earth, of the whole universe for that matter, but when she gets to the Garden of Eden in heaven, she will place her tiara on the shelf in the palace and run out to the garden to work the perfect soil, digging her toes in the soft dirt, and running dirt through her fingers. She will leap onto the back of the white stallion with flowing mane and tail and gallop through the field in front of the palace with laughter sounding like tinkling bells, because she is so happy and at rest in her new forever home.

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