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David’s Tabernacle is the key to unraveling the Song of Solomon, leading through a maze to the throne, the one saved for the sake of David. The skeleton of the ballad points the way.

The macro literary structure includes 14 sections AA1 BB1 CC1 DD1 EE1 FF1 GG1. The micro literary structure has lower case letters a-f in the first six sections, and a1-f1 in the last six sections, except for the midpoint EE1, revealing something amazing, a-g and a1-g1.

The moveable pieces are CC1 and DD1, yet have explicit places made for them. The 13th and 14th sections end the story, G with six cola poetic lines in 2 pairs of three lines, G1 with six cola poetic lines in 2 pairs of three lines each, matching the 12 sections of the Song. It is about the heritage of Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel.

The quasi determinate of the Song of Solomon reveals an interlinking connection between all the poems back to the beginning—Creation Week. The Song in its entirety uncovers the plan of God to recreate the original plan for the Garden of Eden with the sinless divine God-Man, the Second Adam of the New Testament. The relationship is an equal relationship between the husband and wife. Richard M. Davidson recently published and proved with references provided that the Best Song is a linear literal historical love story with a real couple, male and female. The maiden is a real princess, and daughter of royalty, a Gentile. We know that Solomon’s Curtains mean the blue blood of David’s royal lineage. Song of Solomon is not an allegory, nor about the church as Christ’s bride, but an actual account provided to Solomon through the gift of Prophecy, “Inspiration”. It is about the King’s Wedding in the volumes of Daniel & Revelation that allows Him to stand by the Jachin Pillar. The next step will be accession to David’s Throne in heaven, set-up at the Second Coming of the Messiah in the cloud where every eye shall see Him. Revelation 1:7.