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In Matthew chapter 22, 24, 25 we learn about the last days and that it is about the wedding of the King of kings. Have you ever been to a wedding? Of course you have. Were you confused as to who was the bride, and who were the guests?Did you think that you were the bride sitting in the audience. Maybe some heart wishes that they were the bride upfront, but since there are many fish in the sea until the moment of marriage, then there is only one fish for the bride, her husband. The bride waits with the guests until the bridegroom arrives and takes her away from the guests. The bride is the queen, and the groom the king in Jewish weddings. Know now what the difference is between reality and allegory? The union of the couple is used as an example of the relationship between Christ and His people, but it is used as an allegory or metaphor. The real thing is the female bride and the male groom in the Holy Scripture. All through the 66 books of the Bible runs a golden thread of a male God-man, and a female bride, woman. The church is the virgins, the guests. The wedding reception in heaven with its silver table miles long is real. The wedding clothes are real given as a gift from the King of kings. Lineage is real. People search their lineages all the time. Jesus Christ of Nazareth had the lineage written down twice in Matthew, and Luke. They are tracked back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. No room for prehistoric things. The lineage of Christ’s family royal line keeps going through Solomon’s lineage, his daughters. The woman holds the line in her flesh, blood DNA, and bones. They match with the blood of Jesus on the mercy seat, the Holy Grail. Lineage is real, not imaginary. We come from our parents behind us, and they from their parents, all the way back to Adam and Eve. It is very real, even in our characteristics, looks, and brain IQ. God keeps His promises for they are real and tangible. But it takes believing in our own mind to be able to partake of the fulfillment of them in us. Israel comes down through the Old Testament and on into the New Testament in the fulfillment of the prophecies. Israel goes straight to the man from Nazareth called Israel from Egypt, that Other Angel of the Lord.

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