Crime Mystery Solved by a Blood Analysis

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Only one person in this world can solve the mystery of the lost line of King David. The key is blood DNA analysis. Blood has helped scientists solve crime mysteries that happened a long time ago. The Mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA is outside the nucleus of a cell as a circular chromosome and is passed on to the offspring only by the mother. A pattern of sequencing DNA components can be done more accurately when the blood, hair, teeth, and other artifacts, which have been compromised over time, use mtDNA. The maternally inherited mtDNA allows the genealogical researchers to trace the maternal lineage far back through families. Mutations are highly conserved due to its slow mutation rates in the mtDNA. Fortunately, Ron Wyatt discovered the dried and well-preserved blood on the hidden mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant underneath Jerusalem, Israel. A blood analysis was performed on it not knowing its history or site location. So an unbiased accurate confirmation was able to be made with Ron Wyatt present.

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  • cindy

    The blood of Christ would only have the chromosomes from the mother, mtDNA, unlike any other blood sample in the history of earth.

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