DNA of King David in Jerusalem

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There are two copies of autosomes in a single person’s DNA blood cell in both females and males making 22 X’s in all. The sex chromosomes are different. There are two copies of the X-chromosomes in females. But the males have asingle X-chromosome and a Y-chromosome. The male determines the sex of the fetus in the mother’s womb. There are 22 pairs of autosomes, one set of 11 from the mother’s ovary egg, one set of 11 from the male sperm, and one allosome pair making the total chromosome count 46. The autosomes are labelled with the numbers 1–22 in humans in the order of their sizes in base pairs, while the allosomes are labelled with their letters of X and Y. The allosome pair has a double XX for females, and one X chromosome and one Y chromosome for the males. The blood sample carefully taken from the mercy seat of the Ark by Ron Wyatt had only 22 “single not double” chromosomes from the mother. The allosome sex chromosomes had one X chromosome from the mother, and one Y chromosome from the Father. The location of the ark was under the cross hole above ground in a secret and water proofed cave below, and a crack going through 20 feet of rock above the ark’s resting place. The cross of Christ was the source of the blood as history reveals. The heavenly Father is His Father, and Mary of Nazareth was His earthly flesh and bone mother, wife of Joseph of the line of David His adopted earthly father.

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