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A young woman in the first century was given a page from the Great Teacher’s Volume of Providence, which would nevermore part from her. He gave her the future story of another woman far away into the future,

more than 2000 years. The Legends of Mary Magdalene etched on the stones of cathedrals and ancient maps, and written in the Song of Solomon, all preserved throughout each passing century, find their way forward to modern times where a real girl walks Earth today. When she makes herself ready with wisdom, understanding, and practical deeds, the King will find her, take her away to the Cosmos kingdom in the sky. The Crown Prince of Judah, once dead, now alive in the cosmos world, seeks David’s Tabernacle searching for the right girl as her closest living Kinsman. She can give Him back the southern crown, making Him the Crown Prince of Judah, legally and rightfully forever, when He marries her, fulfilling the Law of Moses through the Levirate Marriage. The set-up of the new kingdom, the southern and northern kingdoms combined, Jew and Gentile, will transpire on the chariot cloud when it comes to retrieve all the saints from Earth, the resurrected and the living saints at His “Second Coming” when the world is consumed by fire. The specific point to the saga of the maiden and the Crown Prince of Judah will become apparent when the prophecy actually fulfills, and the girl rides away on the Unicorn with the Prince into the starry night sky. Prophecy fulfilled proves that the interpreter of the prophecies concerning the marriage of Lamb does possess the Spirit of Prophecy from God, according to Joel 2:28, 29, transpiring in the last days. The Moon Face confirms their departure with a snapshot of their take-off. The snapshot will last forever.

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