Israel has an Heir, a real Princess

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King David’s secret is exciting. According to the Books of Moses, and the minor prophets of the Old Testsment, they tell us that David’s Tabernacle shows up in the last days, our day. The Royal Kingship line reaches all the way to our day and is once again activated.Watch the videos of Solomon and see the hidden princess lost in the woods. A regal prince comes out of no where and finds her. She runs away deeper into the woods and finds a hidden staircase that winds heavenward. There the maiden finds a hidden place to hide in the stairs. The prince is “ruddy” meaning an extrovert in a nice way. It is up to him to pursue the lady of the woods, because she is shy. The Royal Love Story is actually a prophecy that fulfills in the last days. Watch as the prophecy unrolls right underneath your very nose.

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