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Nature calms the living soul, heals and makes a human being healthy with its Eco system. Pluck a weed, and the health comes right into your body. Put your feet and hands in the soil, and relaxation spreads throughout every system.The Song of Solomon portrays a real man and a real lady who fall in love, a royal love story. The man writes with His fingers drawing their story in the sky with stars. His banner of victory unrolls over the lady’s head saying “I love you” in a public manner. He writes “I love you” on the sands of the seashore, the dust of the earth, and with stars in the heavens. This is quite the extra-ordinary royal love story. This is no secret matter in the eyes of the King. He lets everyone know which woman He loves. He is public about everything. Evidence pours out of the Holy Scripture, history, secrets of the past, present and future. Every corner the lady turns brings on new and fresh evidence that He chooses her, loves her, and desires her. She is allowed a preference just like the Turtle Doves want their preferences, rather than someone choosing whom they are to pair up with. Wow! That is certainly taking a risk on the part of the Groom, but He will have it no other way! Wow! What a manly man she bumped into one day. He has never forgotten her. The Father is the key figure now. He determines when the honeymoon suite in heaven is ready. He determines the wedding date, and no one else knows, not even the lady, only what is revealed in the Holy Scripture, and there is plenty! There have been many common suitors wishing for her hand in marriage, but once she met the King, she could not get Him out of her mind. Yes, it is hard to wait, to keep her feelings in tow until the one best for her shows up. Yes, it involves hard work watering ten camels and each one can drink up to 40 gallons of water one pitcher at a time. Meanwhile, life is busy in helping others, doing all she can to draw her own children with love written on the sand by her finger. But it is worth it. Whatever it takes to keep her beautiful flock with her, yes, whatever it takes. “Here am I, Lord, send me.” The wedding to the King will draw millions to choose Him as their Savior. The royal wedding will make her son a prince, and her daughter, and granddaughters princesses. It will give her, her field back, and its lost fruits, more than it could ever have produced before. “Not my will, but Thine be done O Lord! Thank you for all of my benefits today, because of what You did for me on the cross, and for my family, and their friends.”

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