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The sprinkled blood from the cross above ground on the north side of the Ark of the Covenant hidden in the underground cave below the cross hole came down through the earthquake crack that also cracked the stone lid hiding the mercy seat. The blood dropped a pool of blood on the west side of the ark where there was no animal blood, which was placed by the ancient priests only on the eastern side. Also, as you can see in the photo revealing the mercy seat of the ark, the blood sprinkled onto the SW corner and in the middle of the west side shaped like two allosome sex X chromosomes identifying that the household heir was a female. The ark in the camp of Israel was set just like the camp’s four sides: E W S N. The SW corner was the tribe of Benjamin. The middle of the west side was the tribe of Manasseh, and the NW corner was the tribe of Ephraim. Christ is symbolized as the Firstborn Ephraim, and He was sinless, therefore did not need to be covered by the atoning blood so it stayed empty, but He was the substitute for every human being on earth to cover their sins. The pooled blood was symbolized by the Bullock’s blood covering His household. The tribe of Manasseh was Dinah’s inheritance, and the tribe of Benjamin-Judah was the inheritance of Achsah, daughter of Caleb, head of the Judah tribe, females.

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