America’s Future: Small Farms

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Invest in small farms and move the poor to them. Teach them how to profitably get monetary returns. Live among them and teach by example.Taking away the brambles, thorns, and weeds creates a beautiful farm that uplifts the spirit of those who pass by daily, or look down upon them from their houses set on the hills surrounding the garden. Small farms do not lean so heavy on pickers and immigrants, and one-to-one teaching of the younger generation, working side by side with them in companionship is the ideal method for educating the thousands of kids in the land. it helps curb bad behavior, and encourages them to reach for the sky in excellence, and the true spirit of capitalism. One cannot help but see God as the Creator of Nature. Gardening lifts the thoughts heavenward. The Wilds changes people for the good. It changed me. It changed my son and daughter. It cannot change your life too. Just sharing what God has blessed my family with in abundance.

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