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Hydra, the water snake in the sky, ascends in the spring on the sky’s horizon above earth. This snake lacks self-control, and its intentions are to poison, suffocate,using any means thereby to destroy others that love the King of kings. The wines of Babylon ride on the serpent’s back. The focus of its beady eyes right now are on the pups directly in its view. The compass of the Ship Argo points to Alphard, the only Arabic name in the water serpent. The salty marshes belong to him, that do not heal in the ocean made fresh by the water coming out of the sky sanctuary on the right side of Solomon’s Porch, God’s porch. You will discover this water mystery in the “Copper Scroll Decoded” video available on this site. The Unicorn is right beside the pups with its tail pointing to Alphard, the neck or heart of the water serpent. The right hoof of the Unicorn is almost ready to step once again on its head in the last days, and the right front hoof points directly to the corridor in the sword of Orion. The single horn of the Unicorn points to the right foot of Pollux Polly, one of the twins possessing God’s power by the Holy Spirit to tell the sky stories one by one. The nose points to the Mighty Hunter Orion, the Godhead family who live in the north country of the sky where the little bear has two guards to protect its entrance like the two claws protecting the “crab” constellation. The “Wines of Babylon” reveal the false teachings infiltrated with spiritualism riding on the back of the water serpent. When the Unicorn steps on the head of the serpent with its right hoof, the Crow or Raven hops onto the back of the water snake. The Crow or Raven is a smart and wise bird, who brought food to the prophet Elijah by the Brook Cherith, hiding from the wicked queen Jezebel. The raven, symbolizing God in the Song of Solomon, begins to peck on the serpent’s back, removing one piece at a time until the serpent is dead. The Victory was already won on the cross, so we know how this story ends. The weasel in the sky called “Huldah” goes after serpents too, and when injured eats the green leaves of a special plant, the Holy Spirit, and revives every time to continue hunting out the serpents in every nook and cranny. Just like the power of the Flying Northern Fish propels the Ship Argo towards the beach backwards, its power lies within the Unicorn. Each of us when we accept the blood sprinkled on the mercy seat for our sins through confessing them, and accept the sinless life of Jesus Christ for our very own in place of our filthy rages, including adopting His mind and character, we can have that power within us too. It withstands the devil, the serpents, the Red Dragon in the sky, because God’s power is stronger, much stronger than the power of the devil and his wicked angels. Yes, the devil is out of control, has no self-control for that matter, neither do his evil angels that do his bidding. But we do not need to be afraid, because with God on our side, who can be against us. God has placed the young people in the center of the camp by placing the Unicorn beside them as Judah placed Tamar and her twins in the center of the camp of Israel. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes, and His law, the Law of Moses, the expression of His character never changes. Read Exodus 31:12-18 to read about His law and the foundation of His government that never changes for eternity. Yes, the Ten Sleeping Virgins can wake up at any time and read the Holy Scripture searching for all the truths it holds by the aid of the Holy Spirit. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide in finding all the truth, and freedom is yours with the power of God to direct your steps in every phase of life. That same power can give you “life” and a place among the 144,000, clothed with Christ’s righteousness, who never die, but are translated as “royalty” into the paradise of God. When the New Jerusalem comes to settle on the Mount of Olives, not Mount Moriah or Zion, the mountain is made into a large plain, the Garden of Eden in the midst of the new city, and the paradise of God also. This is about the new kingdom, the one saved for the sake of David and his tabernacle. There will be three thrones: the universal throne where the Messiah sat on the right hand of His Father before October 22, 1844, and then stood up and went into the most holy place in heaven to stand before His Father sitting on the universal throne. Soon, His Majesty the King of the universe plans to receive the earthly kingdom of David as Davids’ successor as its rightful and legal heir according to the Law of Moses, the southern and northern thrones in the most holy place in heaven. His inauguration will last seven days, the same amount of days as His inauguration for the universal throne, when He ascended back to heaven with the 500 resurrected saints that rose from the graves with Him on earth. The easel with its drawings simply is saying, “Come. You who read and hear about this unusual, never before told royal love story in reality, Come. All you who hunger and thirst after Righteousness, Come. Whomever asks for the water of life will receive freely, your request granted by the Father in heaven. It is true! How about it young people? Does life sound good to you in this chaotic world, the one true escape into the paradise of God alive? The new kingdom will be set-up at the Second Coming of Christ on the cloud. The coronation will take place after the one thousand years in heaven, working with the King as judges over the wicked and their indictments. Then the heavenly throng move to the earth made new, and the capital of the new kingdom settles on the Mount of Olives where He prayed in Gethsemene and spent many happy hours in the home of His best friends, Lazarus, Martha, and Mary in Bethany. He left to go back to heaven near Bethany, and His feet tough earth again when heaven moves to earth. Thus the Planet Earth, closest neighbor to heaven, will be elevated above all the other created worlds in the cosmos universe, and its multiple solar systems. Wow! Maybe earth and heaven will be combined into one new Planet called—-.

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