A Mother’s Prayer that Got Answered Quickly

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A silent prayer rose up to God from my heart a few days ago about some needs on my son’s farm.

He has a dire need to get rid of the gophers eating up his plants. Then there is a need to enhance the exquisite flavor of the produce, and to farm in a timely matter with a schedule to follow. Soon after my recent prayer, I get a phone call from my son informing me of a gopher killing machine that I decided to help him purchase! The story behind my inspiration before my son called me to help on his farm for the first season. Walking in the valley of local farms I thoroughly enjoyed watching this particular farm that used horses to plow their fields, greenhouses, and row crops for the local Farmer’s Market. The young farmer had farmed nine seasons with his mother who backed up the project. It inspired me to do the same for my son when the phone call came one day to move to another state and be the secret weapon behind the adventure. That first summer season a wedding was being planned, and the drought ended on their wedding day, the heaven’s let loose in torrents of rain.

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