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Have you ever been told or through ill-treatment saying loudly that you have no right to press forward with confidence, that you have no right to a “choice” in the direction of your life, to be royal, a princess, a prince? It is a lie,because Satan and his wicked angels live here in our solar system with us. Did you know that Satan trembled for his very life during the flood of Noah? He is a created being, who now has flesh that hangs loosely on his body. His forehead slants back, because of damage done to his frontal lobe that gives self-control with his wickedness. He is out of control, and has angry outbursts like the Asian Tsunami in 2004. That is how I discovered, personally, this fact. A child raised in foster homes or orphanages may suffer from fears of rejection, lack of confidence, distrust of others through their own abandonment, fail to make a choice that could lead them out of the dungeon of earth. A lost world, the only world or galaxy in the whole wide universe that has inhabitants, everyone of them, who have broken the law of Moses, God’s law. Yet, in reality, each one of us has a choice that we can make that will link us to the most powerful being in the universe: God, the most powerful influence. Claim Matthew 17:20-21, put your name in those texts, and thank God for already granting the request to remove the mountain, throwing it into the sea. Then it says that we can do the impossible things, too, in God’s power. God being on our team makes us invincible in the dungeons of earth, removing the mountain over our heads, and shooting forth like a seed sprouting, pushing up through dirt, rock, and pavement towards the Son of Righteousness in heaven, escaping the dungeon.

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